Sehr geehrte Frau Baerbock, sehr geehrter Herr Laschet, sehr geehrter Herr Scholz,

wir, ehemalige Staats- und Regierungschef:innen und Nobelpreisträger:innen, schreiben Ihnen in der Überzeugung, dass Deutschland eine entscheidende Rolle im weltweiten Einsatz gegen COVID-19 zukommt. Die Bewältigung dieser Pandemie ist für die Menschen in Deutschland und auf der ganzen Welt von größter Bedeutung.

Als Kanzlerkandidat:innen wird eine:r von Ihnen künftig für Deutschlands Rolle im Umgang mit der Pandemie verantwortlich sein.

In Deutschland hat öffentlich finanzierte Forschung zur Entwicklung des erstklassigen mRNA-Impfstoffs von BioNTech-Pfizer beigetragen. Das ist eine enorme Leistung. …

Dear Annalena Baerbock, Armin Laschet, and Olaf Scholz,

We, the undersigned former Heads of State and Government and Nobel Laureates, write to you in the conviction that Germany has a significant role to play in global efforts to bring the COVID-19 pandemic to an end. The impact of that would be of huge significance to people in Germany and around the world.

As candidates to be the next German Chancellor, responsibility for your country’s leadership on this issue will fall on one of you.

German publicly-funded science developed the world-class mRNA BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine which was a huge achievement. …

Fifteen of the UK’s Nobel Prize-winning scientists, economists and peace activists have called on Boris Johnson to “play a historic role” in removing “artificial” intellectual property barriers that are stifling Covid-19 vaccine production:

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to you as British citizens and residents, as scientists, economists, and peace activists, and as Nobel laureates to urge the UK government to play a historic role in leading the world to scale up the supply of Covid-19 vaccines, removing all artificial restrictions on their production.

The UK hosts the G7 presidency amid an extraordinary crisis, but also at a time when…

MYTH #1: We’re all getting the COVID vaccine…

No. Not all of us. Many developing countries don’t have any supply at all yet. Nothing. At best, many will only be able to vaccinate one person in 10 this year. Unless something changes, vaccinating everyone across the entire world will take years. But if you’re lucky enough to live in a rich developed country then you’ve either already had a jab or are very likely to get one soon. Rich countries are vaccinating at a rate of one person-per-second — which is fantastic! …

Fans defeated the Super League for football, we must do the same for vaccines!


On April 18, I sat down in my living room to watch Manchester United play Burnley only to find the broadcast dominated instead by a ‘bigger than any one club’ story.

That morning news had broken that twelve major football clubs intended to form a European “Super League”. It was a catastrophic miscalculation.

It took football fans just 72 hours to obliterate the idea and leave some of the biggest names in football — with a combined market value of 28.6 billion Euros — fighting a reputational fiasco.

The real power behind football was laid bare: the fans, who finally…

Dear President Biden,

We the undersigned former Heads of State and Government and Nobel Laureates are gravely concerned by the very slow progress in scaling up global COVID-19 vaccine access and inoculation in low- and middle-income countries.

The world saw unprecedented development of safe and effective vaccines, in major part thanks to U.S. public investment. We all welcome that vaccination rollout in the U.S. and many wealthier countries is bringing hope to their citizens.

Yet for the majority of the world that same hope is yet to be seen. New waves of suffering are now rising across the globe. …

People's Vaccine Alliance

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